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Parents Welcome Here

With the passing of Florida's HB1 allowing students more choices for education, many parents are celebrating the new opportunities available for educating their children. Parents have also realized the long-term effects of Covid19 on our children, so more families are choosing alternative methods to schooling their kids. In 2021, I saw the writing on the wall and helped to launch a local micro-school spanning 6 grade levels.

If you are considering starting your own micro-school or pod-school, it would be my honor to partner with you to HELP YOU LAUNCH!


My background includes both public and private, K-12 and higher ed, in the classroom and at the administration level. I can provide support in the areas of planning and development, long-term vision, curriculum and assessment pieces, organizational documents, instructional coaching, and parent communication at various levels.

Contact me today by phone or email to see how I can partner with you to give your child/students exactly what they need to succeed.


a small group of students learning together

Several families may join together to hire a teacher or tutor to instruct multi-level and cross-curricular classes in an integrated approach where the lessons are tailored to each group, and individual students can get the support they need in a cooperative setting.

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