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Game Time

Watching TV is a much loved American past time to be sure. But sometimes we just need to unplug, make some popcorn and sit up to the table for some positive social interaction. Spending time with your kids or friends or distant relatives laughing, visiting and showing a little competitive spirit during game playing helps to develop creativity, strengthen relationships and improve problem solving skills.

Some of our favorite family games include:

*Uno - anyone can play it because it's color and number based (even 3 and 4 year olds can best the most skilled Uno player)

*Charades - drama queens and budding actors alike will enjoy the theatrics involved

*Connect Four - only 2 people can play at a time but all you have to do is stack 4 in a row

*Pit - buy/sell/trade just like on Wall Street, collect commodities to win; my favorite part is always ringing that bell when I win

*Scrabble - for thinkers and those learning big words

There are some really fun online games available now too. A favorite of my family's is Heads Up, a combination of password and charades. Crazy fun!

So hide the remote and get out a game with your family tonight for some laugh out loud fun!

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