Dollars in the Sand

Ever heard of a "sand dollar"? This is one I found in the water in Lido Beach on the gulf coast of Florida. Sand dollars do not have monetary value but nonetheless they ARE valuable because they're very hard to find in their natural habitat. Sure, you can buy one at a tourist shop, but to actually come across one in the ocean on a sand bar or near the shoreline is a huge success - buried treasure in essence.

The sand dollar got it's name because long ago when people saw them at the ocean they thought they looked like the Spanish dollar coin so they named them "sand dollar". Actually, they are an animal similar to a sea urchin. The daisy-like petals are made of a lot of tiny holes through which the "feet" come out that help it walk along the ocean floor.

You can visit many of the incredible Florida coastline beaches on the Gulf or the Atlantic to hunt for your own dollar in the sand.

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