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Team Meeting

We offer continuing education for professionals in multiple capacities.


Trainings Offered

  • Early Literacy strategies

  • Cooperative Learning

  • Helping English Language Learners

  • Brain-based learning

  • Alternative Assessment

  • Co-teaching Model

  • Enhancing Reading strategies in an      at-risk classroom

  • Multicultural Classrooms

  • Strategies for Struggling Readers

  • Linguistics Methods for non-speakers

  • Diversity Training & Cultural Awareness

  • Standards-based Instruction

  • Curriculum & Materials Development

Curriculum Development & Review
Certified in Instructional Design, we can provide a comprehensive review of your curriculum and materials to ensure they are culturally relevant and standards-based.

Faculty & Staff Professional Development
Request short trainings (30min-1hr) or longer seminars to weekly series-PD, we can accommodate any length of time to fit your schedule and meet faculty needs both in-person and virtual.  




"Jane's workshops were fun and engaging and
left lasting insight
into how
our educators
can promote
critical thinking and cooperative learning in the classroom."


"I found Jane
adept at research, able to organize
units of instruction, and proficient at envisioning how strategies could
best be utilized
by her students."


"The trainings were relevant to the needs of my students.
I was engaged and equipped to use
what I learned in
my classroom."


"Jane is a natural teacher and wonderful communicator.
She is one who truly understands the needs of beginning teachers and who goes out of her way to make their pathway a successful one without myriad roadblocks."

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