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Whether you are young and just starting out on your educational journey, or young at heart and needing support, we are here to guide you.

The Mission of East To West Learning is to assist students, parents, and teachers on their  educational journey in every step along the way.

Helping guide you in the right direction on your educational path

About The Owner

As a former public school teacher, college professor, and a home-school mom, I have seen all aspects of learning both in the classroom and in administration. I believe parents want to be involved in their child's education. Teachers and administrators want to foster an environment where students can thrive using the tools available. I want to use my experience and resources to help families and schools bring learning to life.

About The Company

East To West Learning exists to come alongside parents and teachers in their mission to educate their children using every resource available. Learning should be engaging and relevant using hands-on discovery to make lasting impressions. Parents should have access to the tools they need to teach their children.

I would be honored to work with you or your child to help you see growth. I also partner with private schools, micro-schools, home-school coops, and learning pods to provide your teachers with the necessary resources to make your learning community a success.

We offer: 

  • Educational Consulting

  • Academic Coaching

  • Curriculum review and development

  • Launch & support for micro-schools

  • Tutoring services for students & adults of any age  

  • Training & Professional Development for educators

  • Partnerships with local private schools

  • Home-school annual evaluations

  • Teacher resources & support

  • Educational resources for at-home learners

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